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Wednesday, January 23, 2019
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Kinetics Skin Pack is a Div based W3C Compliant XHTML Skin ,comes with multiple Colours & Backgrounds options. The Skin Is 100% W3C Xhtml 1.0 & Css 2.1 validated. The Structure Of Skin Is 100% DIV Based. This Skin comes With 4 Stylish Menus. The number of available panes gives you the option to create unlimited layout styles. You can insert your header banner in any of the banner panes available above the logo area and below the menu. Skin customization is available and one custom color is available for free so donot hesitate to ask for your custom color. Enjoy!

Slider Panes Also Included

Four Slider Panes are available with every skin colour in two widths i.e Fixed1024px & Fixed 800px Resolution, You Can Decrease Or Increase These Panes With Easy Customizable Html & Css Files. The ascx files which contains "Slider" in name indicates the slider panes.

This Skin Is W3C Validated

MENU StylesKinetics skin Is 100% Validated From W3C As XHTML 1.0 Transitional & Css Level 2.1 You Can Easily Checkout Every Page Validation Results By Just A Click In Footer W3C Referral Links.

Kinetics DIV Based Skin

MENU StylesKinetics skin has DIV Based Css Structure. The Skin, Containers, Banners & Panes Are Constructed On 100% Of Div,s So This Package Is Purely TableLess & Css Based Design. 

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We are developing a forum , blog as a dotnetnuke skinning knowledge base to help users in troubleshooting their skinning related issues. Feel free to send your suggestions Email us at info@dotnetnukeskins.info

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