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The electricity is generated at the power plant in its the most pure and efficient form.
Although pure, electricity pulsates and spikes as it travels via the power lines.
By the time electricity gets to the meter on your home the voltage quality has dropped from 1 to around .33.
Luckily, the current then passes through the Green Charger power condenser that resets it–improving the quality of the voltage to between .65 - .95.
From here a purer, smoother current is run to your appliances (washer, refrigerator, air conditioner, fan, PC....), improving efficiency and reducing costs by 5%-30%.
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"Our electricity bills are lower
since we installed our Green
Charger power condenser."

Don, UT
"Green Charger lowered our
electricity consumption by 18%
and our electric bill by $34 a month"

Mathew, AZ